Collaborate Consulting and Development is niche management consulting business working with corporates and SMMEs to understand and solve business challenges and implement pragmatic solutions.

The company was established in 2016 by Michelle Sprackett and Ursula Cooper and brings to the table a combined 20 years of consulting experience developed over a wide range of consulting assignments across a variety of sectors.

We provide practical and impactful business development support, that provides our clients with sound business basics, combined with best practice thinking.

We have an extensive network of experienced consultants with whom we partner with on projects. We believe that collaboration with like-minded, values-based individuals in their fields of expertise, enables us to provide our clients with the best possible solutions to their business needs. We work closely with our clients by   co-creating solutions that best suit their needs.

What we do


  • Contract us for a specific deliverable to be developed over a fixed time period at an agreed budget
    • Click here for case studies of the types of projects we have worked on
  • Workshop Facilitation – Generic or Bespoke
    • Generic – Click here for examples of the types of workshops we run
    • Bespoke – Speak to us about us creating and facilitating a workshop or series of workshops for your specific needs
  • Retained consulting services
    • Chat to us about the types of retained consulting services we offer
    • We can support you and your organization for a retained number of hours a month to provide a sounding board for your thinking, support during challenging decision making and implementation and skills transfer to your staff