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By Michelle Sprackett

COVID-19 is the biggest business challenge of our lifetime. As such, it is changing human attitudes and behaviours and forcing organisations to respond.

The challenge facing business leaders during the current crisis is to balance the need to keep their companies airborne to protect them and prevent them from crashing, whilst simultaneously planning for how their companies will need to retool mid-flight for a post Covid-19 future.  For an entire generation of business leaders, the actions they take now, and in the months ahead, will define them and their organisations.

Respond and React

  • Ensure the safety of employees and customers
  • Reduce non-essential activity and prioritize actions
  • Ensure business continuity and stability
  • Put a team in place to start innovating and planning for the future

Re-plan and Retool

  • Review customer and employee needs
  • Rethink strategic priorities and value proposition
  • Develop revised and flexible operational, organizational and financial plans
  • Build employee resilience through continuous learning and reskilling

Managing this balance is challenging under normal conditions, let alone the current context. Often an external view helps to provide an objective perspective.  Collaborate has extensive experience in assisting companies with strategy facilitation, operating model review and organisational redesign.  We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients in developing practical, workable, and ultimately sustainable solutions.

If you are a business owner trying to balance the need to keep your company airborne, whilst planning and retooling for the future, contact us about the consulting services we offer.

Our offerings range from focused workshops to full-time assignments based on what is best for you. or

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