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Fintech Start Up


A leading global fintech start-up recognised several critical gaps in their strategic approach, processes, human resources and project methodologies. These gaps were impeding their ability to scale the business effectively and maintain regulatory compliance. Collaborate Consulting was engaged to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the organisation’s strategy, operating model and organisational design. The goal was address these gaps, thereby facilitating the company’s growth and success.


An in-depth analysis phase confirmed the existence of the identified gaps while also uncovering additional areas for improvement. Recognising the need to facilitate a cultural transformation to embrace new ways of working, a robust change management and communication plan was developed to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders.

In order to optimise the utilisation of skills, clarify responsibilities and enhance accountability, a revised operating model and organisational design were developed. The resourcing of projects was re-evaluated to ensure focused alignment with business goals. Furthermore, a more disciplined project management methodology was introduced, complemented by the deployment of project management software. This software facilitated insights into process adherence, capacity management and throughput, enabling informed decision-making.

The next step involved mapping roles and accountabilities across all organisational areas to establish key performance indicators for each staff member. These KPIs were then integrated into a revamped performance management framework, which facilitated accurate measurement of individual and team performance. Additionally, a comprehensive training and development process was implemented, ensuring that staff members received the necessary support and resources to excel in their roles.

By addressing the identified gaps and implementing the proposed improvement strategies, Collaborate Consulting enabled the fintech start-up to create a stronger foundation for growth and compliance. The holistic approach encompassed changes in culture, structure, project management practices and talent development. Collaborate Consulting guided the organisation through this transformation journey, equipping them with the necessary tools and frameworks to achieve scale and success.

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