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By Michelle Sprackett

Organisational Design


The Investment Banking division of a large financial services company had undergone a previous reorganisation that had not fully delivered on its intended objectives. Critical capabilities had been split across departments creating organisational design issues in the business.

The following issues required resolving:

  • A lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities;
  • Overstretched Executive and immediate reporting layer;
  • Sub-optimal use of talent and skills;
  • Lack of visibility of integral nature of the business value chain;
  • Lack of clarity of impact of regulatory and market changes on the value chain;
  • Overly complex governance flow and structure; and
  • Lack of understanding of the impact of the long term business strategy on capacity, roles and long-term sustainability of the organisation.

Collaborate Consulting was requested to design an appropriate structure to address these issues.  Further objectives included:

  • Ensuring clear functional ownership and accountability across the value chain;
  • Optimising and leveraging capabilities and skills across the business;
  • Ensuring that the internal and external support functions were optimised.


An organisational scan was conducted which involved interviewing executives across all departments to understand the business model and strategy, understanding previous changes to structure and options considered and developing a value chain and RACI maps across all departments.

Operating models designs were developed for discussion, highlighting the benefits and concerns for each option. New roles were identified and impacted roles highlighted and a detailed implementation plan was developed.

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